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Why Try The Holistic Approach to Animal Care?

Traditional Medicine departmentalizes the patient into a whole of parts: a physical set of organs, muscles, joints, and tissue systems and treats each isolated part accordingly.
Traditional Medicine looks at symptoms exhibited by the patient, assigns a name of a disease or syndrome to them and treats the patient with surgery, drugs, chemicals or radiation. Traditional Medicine views the patient as it's physical- self alone.

Holistic Medicine treats each part of the patient as a "whole" (hence "wholistic" or "holistic" medicine), not only in the physical sense but as each part of the body being interrelated to each other, energetically. 3000 years of oriental medicine has proven there is a Life Force energy (Chi) that flows like the arborization of a tree throughout the entire body, touching every cell of every organ of every system in the body. It is only now, in this age of advanced technological devices that we can photograph and electronically measure this energy.

Traditional therapies of chemicals, surgery and radiation by their very nature are toxic, focal- acting agents. Many times this produces a destructive affect in the body. Drugs, surgery and radiation are traumatic and foreign to the body. Holistic medicine chooses natural therapies of proper nutrition, homeopathy, Bach Flowers, herbs, acupuncture, massage, crystals, color, chiropractic and electromagnetic field therapies that are all natural elements of this earth, and methods familiar to the metabolism and physiology of the patient.

Of course, sometimes traditional therapies are needed, but only in specific areas. When one is anemic, one has to have a blood transfusion to support the body until it is capable of rallying on its own. In cases of traumatic emergencies, broken bones have to be pinned, drugs like steroids have to be used to prevent brain edema, oxygen and I.V. supportive solutions and medications are necessary to sustain life. In rapidly ensuing bacterial/viral epidemics sometimes the patient is so weak, drugs, antibiotics and steroids have to be given to buy time for the patient to survive.