Do we need to vaccinate our pets?

Yes, vaccinate! Do not over-vaccinate! Things to consider: never give more than one vaccine at a time; consider your environment before you decide if you need boosters; titers are a good option in helping you decide if you need additional vaccines; check with your state requirements because many states mandate only rabies vaccines. For a detailed explanation, please read more ….

How can we prevent vaccine reactions?

1. Never give more than one vaccine at a time. Leave at least 2-4 weeks between each shot for puppies and leave months to years between shots for adults. Also minimize your pet’s lifetime vaccine protocol.

2. Do not give medications such as worming, flea treatments, or heartworm treatments the same vaccines are given. When possible, spread all treatments apart by 2-4 weeks, with the exception of high risk situations. Also avoid use of stringent cleaning products, nutrition filled with lots of chemicals, or major contact with artificial fibers in bedding, collars or clothing (I recommend cotton or hemp fibers) to allow the vaccines time to process in the body without competing with toxic products.

3. Request thimerosal-free vaccines (a mercury-based preservative found in most vaccines). I use Merck TM-free vaccines which are easy for your Veterinarian to supply.

4. Give Animal Essentials Detox Blend herbs for 3-5 days after each vaccine.

5. Give Probiotics for six months to one year in puppies or immune-compromised adults. I use RX Biotic from Rx Vitamins for Pets.

When do I vaccinate my dog?
Canine Distemper Virus and Parvovirus