Over-vaccinating is extremely harmful for your pets! The immune system stores vaccine information to protect the body from viruses or bacteria. Once a system is immune, adding more vaccines year after year does not make it more immune! It simply dumps more toxic chemicals into the body, which can trigger negative health issues such as arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and organ failure. Please research and make the effort to give your animal the appropriate vaccines. Don’t trade multiple unneeded vaccines for potential serious illnesses later in life. Information is available on titer studies (blood tests that show the level of vaccine protection) that may dispel the need for multiple vaccines. Please be your pet’s advocate! If you are uncertain, research recommendations before you make your final decisions. You do not have to make decisions based on pressure, make them based on knowledge.

Dr. Ronald Schultz, Professor and Chair of Pathobiological Sciences at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison, wrote “immunity can last as long as a dog’s lifetime” suggesting that our best friends are being over-vaccinated, (March 2003; https://news.wisc.edu/schultz-dog-vaccines-may-not-be-necessary/). Dr. Schultz is a leading expert and is on the panel for AAHA Canine Vaccine guidelines, 2017. If one of the leading AAHA vaccine experts believes we are over-vaccinating, then why are we still doing it? Veterinarians and pet owners need to step up, do your own investigating, and advocate for your pets. Veterinarians and pet guardians must choose to not over-vaccinate. Be the voice for your pets!

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