Tera and Brad Cooley

We have been truly blessed to have found Dr. Priscilla Dressen for our veterinary needs. Dr. Dressen is an excellent holistic veterinarian who cares deeply about our beloved pets. We brought our feline baby “Smokey” in to see Dr. Dressen because of a severe case of Pancreatitis. Dr. Dressen took the time to thoroughly evaluate Smokey and provided us with a natural approach to treat his Pancreatitis. We love that Dr. Dressen is a highly skilled practitioner of holistic veterinary medicine and wonderful, caring person. She utilizes natural herbal remedies, acupuncture, and laser therapy in her cutting-edge practice. We are very thankful that we found Dr. Priscilla Dressen and her amazing holistic veterinary care.

Vicky McDonald

After going to North Star I began understanding the danger of over vaccinating dogs and cats, a primary part of western medicine. I learned the importance of body work including acupuncture, massage and physical therapy, in the overall health and well being of my companion animals. I also learned how Holistic care is used to obtain the “Quality of Life” that we all want for ourselves and our furry friends. I now truly understand that “less if more” when it comes to end of life care and comfort, and it has given me peace to know that my animals had quality of life.

Dave, Jenny, and Sammi Shroyer

Dr. Dressen, We have not talked or been into your clinic for 13 years but I need to thank you. You saved my dog Kahlua when I was a college student and did not have much money. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Kahlua recently, but because of you she lived a very full life and my families and mine much better.

When Kahlua was 9 months old she dislocated her hip and I made an appointment with you to have her put to sleep. However you decided she was too nice of a dog to let go without a fight. You performed a FHO (your first if I remember correctly) on her and you only charged me for the medication. Kahlua recovered very quickly and we were walking, swimming, and hiking that summer.

I cannot thank you enough for how you treated Kahlua and myself. Because of you and your generosity I had a best friend for almost 14 years! She got to see me grow up, move too many times, get married, and have a daughter. She made our lives so much better I had to say thank you.

Again thank you for caring about us so long ago and helping when you didn’t have to.

Diane Fusaro

I met Dr. Priscilla Dressen when I needed a veterinarian who could perform acupuncture on my dog, Millie. Millie has a fused hip, arthritis, as well as spondylosis of the spine. What started as acupuncture, laser treatments, and some massage turned into a completely satisfying and educational veterinarian-client relationship. Dr. Dressen has the educational and experiential background of a traditional veterinarian, but she adds to that a holistic and more minimalistic approach based on “quality of life” and the knowledge that many things can be healed given time and appropriate holistic and alternative treatment. This is the approach I use for my own health, so it is satisfying to find this kind of veterinary care for my beloved animal.

Dr. Dressen believes in educating her clients. Since I have started bringing Millie, I believe I have become a better and more proactive owner, taking responsibility for my dog’s health; asking better questions; and, understanding the options I have to keep my dog well. Dr. Dressen offers complete information and provides the type of veterinary service necessary — service that also fits with the comfort level of the client. She strives to create a partnership with her human clients to the increased benefit of the animals under her care. As part of this approach, her appointments typically take longer because she spends the time to really understand what the animal is experiencing and communicating options and knowledge to the owner. In short, she is a rare gem.

I honestly believe more veterinarians and their clients would be happier if they followed Dr. Dressen’s clinical model. There is more responsibility put on the client, but there is also greater knowledge and real partnership as both client and vet work to create a healthy life for the animal. Less tests; more discussion. When appropriate, less pharmaceuticals; when needed, the correct drug. More herbal remedies; more alternative therapies. Calm, quiet, unhurried examinations; better education and greater client satisfaction.

I love my veterinarian, and my dog loves her too!