One day he paced outside the fence with his head hanging low. I noticed he didn’t leave to mark his territory and I was able to get closer than usual. I saw his face was full of porcupine quills. I didn’t know what to do to help. At best, I could get 10 feet from him. I had to go to work and hated to leave him, but I didn’t have time to figure it out right then.

I worked a late shift and got home around 2 am. As I pulled up in the front yard and stepped out of the truck, I saw Scooby holding Spike to the ground by the throat. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I slowly approached, crouching low not to frighten him. Scooby held on tight! I placed my hand on his head and climbed over him literally sitting on his side. Holding him with one hand, I pulled as hard as I could with the other hand until I had removed all 13 quills. They were so infected that they didn’t fight too hard to come out.

I stayed on top of him for a little bit longer and slowly petted his sleek coat. I talked softly to him and reassured him that he would be ok. Then I climbed off and he walked away looking back as Scooby and I went into the gate. The best thing I could do for him then was let him rest, eat and drink so I gave him some space.

I really praised Scooby for his good deed. How did Scooby know to do that? Why did Spike let Scooby do that? Did they plan it together? Did Scooby, a much smaller but very agile dog overpower the weakened larger hound? Did Scooby tell him I could help and if he didn’t come to me to pull them, he would have to take him down? They were not telling me in words, but their actions spoke pretty loud!

The next morning I sat in the early sun reading a book. Scooby and Molly gathered around me for some loving attention. All of a sudden Spike jumped in the fence and approached us. He looked much better than the day before, but still a bit sullen. I decided not to look directly at him. Instead I kept petting Scooby and Molly, talking dog love talk. Spike came closer and closer until I felt his fur as he leaned into my hand, so I gently petted him.