Do I recommend the Leptospirosis vaccine? Personally, NO! I choose to focus on keeping my dogs healthy by allowing them to be exposed to the great outdoors, eat wholesome foods and forage to build natural immunity. In practice, I routinely discuss the disease with my clients. I want them to completely understand what the signs are and be prepared to seek medical help if they notice the signs. Most of my holistic clients choose not to vaccinate. If infected, I suggest hospital care, a laser treatment to activate ATP in their bodies and inhibit inflammation, and I start them on Detox Blend by Animal Essentials. Please consult with your veterinarian if your pet has symptoms of Leptospirosis. For more information on the disease, please read further.

This vaccine is controversial. There are over 180 serotypes (varieties) of this bacteria. Although eleven serotypes are found in mammals, the vaccine protects only four serotypes. There is some cross protection among the serotypes that are not found in the vaccine, but the protection is only moderate, so the vaccine protects only some of the infected dogs. Some literature suggests titers are high (and thus provide protection) for only a few months after vaccination, while others suggest one year of protection. Here’s a tricky part…a positive titer may mean your dog has an active infection, a previous infection, a recent vaccine or natural immunity. So diagnosing the disease and interpreting titers can be difficult.