Hospice leaves traditional medicine behind and offers a place of comfort, quality of life and dignity, until we die. Humans can enter hospice when they are less than 6 months from dying. Animals enter hospice days or months before passing. I include treatments like acupuncture, laser, massage, herbal therapies, pain medications and also euthanasia.

Early in my veterinary career I felt wrong performing euthanasia’s. I would go home sad. Many nights I asked God if I had the right to help animal’s pass to the spirit world. The answer to my prayers came in the form of amazing experiences. These stories helped me to understand the importance of euthanasia and also helped me feel blessed that I could end suffering with love and peace.

During hospice, I found many animals live longer than expected. Bodywork feels good and it allows families the time they need to prepare to say good bye. The hospice process helps passing to be peaceful. Many are able to share love and care for their animals during their final days with times of sadness and joy.

Throughout my life I have always talked to animals and I think they understand a lot of what I’m saying. Once I became involved with hospice I began to feel things, hear things and sense things that proved to me that they could communicate back in many more ways than I ever imagined. I am convinced there is life after death and animals have thoughts, spiritual wisdom and lots to say to those who listen. Many have very strong, wise spirits!

I would like to share some stories I have experienced with end of life in animals and also share what I have learned through those experiences. Sometimes it is difficult to talk about death or dying and yet we will all experience it in our lives and need someone to talk to about it. I hope you find these stories as blessed and amazing as I have.

All my best,