Canine Distemper Virus and Parvovirus are two very serious and potentially fatal puppy viruses. The vaccines can be given separately, in a combined Distemper/Parvo form, or a combo form DA2PPV: Canine Distemper Virus, Adenovirus Type 1 (hepatitis), Adenovirus Type 2 (respiratory disease), Canine Parainfluenza, and Canine Parvovirus.

Vaccine series: typically given at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks old. Occasionally, I minimize to 9 weeks and 16 weeks if puppies are isolated from exposure. I repeat a booster one year later and suggest 3 year titers thereafter.

Nomographs: Nursing mothers are passing natural immunity to puppies. In theory, mother’s immunity is worn off when puppies are 16 weeks old. So in reality, some puppies don’t need the full vaccine series. They may only need one or two vaccines if well-supplied with mother’s immunity, with the final vaccine on or after 16 weeks old. Vaccine titers of the mother (nomographs) may be tested through the Companion Vaccines and Immuno-Diagnostic Service Laboratory, University of Wisconsin. The titer is done on the mother, when puppies are 2 weeks old and in this situation, the lab results will determine the age to begin the vaccine series.

Health Warning: Multiple vaccines on the same day along with added parasite treatments, processed foods, harsh cleaners and lawn sprays all add up to higher risk of your puppy developing other illnesses. In my practice, inflammatory bowel disease (leaky gut syndrome), autoimmune disease and cancer are common occurrences in pets who started their lives with multiple vaccines and multiple chemical treatments. My patients who start early in life minimizing toxic exposure are living healthier, longer lives than patients who do not follow these guidelines. Consider using natural foods, natural parasite treatments, natural cleaners and use caution not to give multiple treatments at one time. Allow the puppy’s system to rest between treatments. For pets who have received multiple chemicals, I treat with Animal Essentials Detox Blend for 2-4 weeks, and maintain on Colon Rescue and Rx Biotic for up to one year.

16-week vaccine: Either Rabies Vaccine or Distemper/Parvo Vaccine based on which is a higher risk in your environment. If Rabies is a problem in your area, give the Rabies vaccine at 16 weeks. If Rabies is not a risk in your area, give the Distemper/Parvo vaccine at 16 weeks. At 20 weeks give the other vaccine.

1-year Distemper/Parvo booster at 16 months old (or 12 months from the last puppy vaccine), or have titer tested.

Boosters after 16 months old – Titers are advised to help you decide if it is necessary. I personally do not recommend any more Distemper/Parvo vaccines unless a titer blood test shows a decrease in antibody levels.

Canine Distemper Virus and Parvovirus