Soon I was flying again. I was anxious to see what else was in store for me and once again thoroughly enjoyed traveling with such speed and ease. We slowed down and this time I saw the light. It was in front of me but at a distance. I wanted to go there and started to head in that direction. The intensity of the light blurred my eyes, but it also enveloped me. I felt warm and peaceful. That is when I heard the words, “It’s not your time. You can’t go. You have not done what you are supposed to do!” The words came from a very strong male voice, “God?” Almost instantly, I woke up in the hospital.

Doctors and nurses crowded around me. The bright exam lights hurt my eyes. I squinted and looked away. The head nurse later told me she didn’t know why, but something told her to put a heart monitor on me though she never did that with young patients. Because of her actions, the doctors discovered I had a congenital heart condition.

Maybe the nurse saved my life or God saved my life, or the angel, or Tom, or the police officer or the doctors. I have thought about my near death experience often. I saw some parallels to my own life. My family had generations of alcoholism, anger, violence, unfaithfulness, and some drug addiction. Animals saved me. Their guidance showed me a path that led me away from the bondage of my generations. The angel had shown me that all of us can take a different path and walk in love.

My life mission is to work with animals and their families, helping share messages of love and kindness through the human-animal bond. I am called to do hospice work specifically because animals, like humans, have a spirit that lives on. I have been blessed by my experience of pure love. I hope to share it whenever I can.

I am grateful to God, the angel, and to all those who helped me the day I did not die. It was not my time to go.