The next room revealed a man and a woman using intervenious drugs. They sat on the floor with tourniquets tied to their arms and needles hanging out of their veins. They were also filled with emptiness, but were so far gone they didn’t even realize their lives were wasted on drugs. They could not see beyond the drugs to remember their loved ones and what could be. They would do anything to have their fix. Their bodies were thin, almost emaciated. Their eyes had dark rings around them; they were missing teeth; their hair, thin and unkept. They were alive but already looked dead. Their spiritual consciousness was completely shut down.

I saw affairs, addictions, child abuse, and rage. I felt the stories of each person who lived lies and deceit to satisfy their physical needs or addictions. This was a motel of lost souls. Fear, anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, drugs, alcohol, infidelity, on and on!

I was stunned. I looked at the angel and asked, “Why did you bring me here? I don’t understand! What am I supposed to do?” What a strange contrast to be next to the kindest, most loving soul I’ve ever known, yet hover near a building filled with such pain and suffering. Without speaking, the angelic spirit wanted me know that this part of life was real. It was life in absence of love. It was stark contrast to the angel who embodied pure love.

I remember hovering for a while some distance from the motel. I was looking at how dilapidated it was; filled with people whose souls were run down as well. I contemplated the meaning of this experience. I decided I was shown this so I would love everyone, even the lost, angry, addicted people who didn’t believe in love anymore. It was God’s way of revealing to me how he loves unconditionally. No judgment, no blame. God observes and loves. He was there for those souls, if and when they became ready for him.