I felt instant love for him and from him. This angelic spirit radiated pure unconditional love with the same honesty and purity that animals do. I had no fear, no judgement, no apprehension or doubt. I felt completely safe. The angel reached out to take my hand, and I did not hesitate for one minute to reach out and take his. It was so natural and peaceful, as if I’d know him my whole life. I surrendered without any other thought, and off we went.

We flew through the air, so quickly that I did not see details of where we were going. I remember a blue sky and many white clouds. I saw some earthly shapes below me such as hills or mountains with bushes and trees. I thought I was in Heaven! I loved my guide and could have traveled through space and time with him forever.

The air felt cool and breezed past my being as we moved effortlessly through it. It smelled wonderful. I have no idea how far we traveled when suddenly, we slowed and our destination came into view.

We were still in the air, hovering together, when the angel directed my attention to the building below and to my left. It was desolate. The parking lot was dirt and gravel. Next to the lot was a rundown, L-shaped two-story motel. Rusted old metal railings ran across the front of the second floor with dull paint chipped and pealing over much of the exterior. As we moved towards the building, the doors of several rooms faced me; all closed, but I knew all were occupied.

The spirit led me to the doors, one at a time. As I came near them, I could see inside. In in the first room I saw a man and a woman. The man was very angry and mean. His face was filled with hatred, and he was beating the woman and yelling at her. She was crying and frightened. She curled up in a ball trying to avoid the blows as they came her way, pleading with him to stop. There was so much anger and so much sadness. I had to turn my head away. The man had chosen hatred for his life, and the woman chose fear, sadness and a sense of unworthiness. She did not believe she deserved to be anywhere else. He needed her there to have someone for him to pass on his rage and anger.

In the next room, I saw a man alone and inebriated. He was depressed, felt helpless and was drowning his pains with alcohol. His life was in deep despair and emptiness. He had abandoned all within him and had chosen alcohol as his comfort. He was lost. He had surrendered his life to the spirit of alcoholism. He did not believe in himself or in the strength of love. He had completely given up.