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Priscilla Dressen,

Dr. Dressen graduated from Colorado State University in 1993. She was a clinical instructor for the CSU Exotic Animal-Wildlife Department from 1994 to 1997. She has been the owner of the North Star Veterinary Clinic in Fort Collins, CO, since 1997.

Dr. Dressen completed Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians in 2000 and incorporated acupuncture as a routine procedure for exotic animals, dogs and cats in her clinic following the course. She has been a pioneer in the field of exotic animal acupuncture.

"My Aussie and I just met Dr. Dressen today for an initial consult and acupuncture. I love her philosophies on vaccinations and preventative care, and really appreciated that she didn't hold my dog's guardy, ridiculous behavior against us. By the end of the session, my dog was happily ensconced on the couch, with acupuncture needles sticking out of her. We really appreciated Dr. Dressen's time and approach to veterinary medicine. Can't wait to go back!
Ashley L., Fort Collins Aug. 2011"

"Dr. Dressen is fantastic! She works out of her home in this amazing sun room that brings an instant peace to the animals she sees. I have brought 2 of my cats to her for acupuncture for various issues (eye discharge that we couldn't treat conventionally, and a back injury that resulted in constipation, anorexia, and the all-around 'blahs') and she has been nothing but kind. She takes a gentle approach to both medicine and the way she interacts with the pets she sees. You get a very thorough appointment, and I've never felt rushed in the half dozen times I've gone to see her. She's knowledgeable about species-appropriate diets, supplements, conventional medicine, and lots of 'alternative' therapies. She uses very little conventional medicine, which I appreciate...
Kim B., Fort Collins Aug. 29, 2011"

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